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experts in precision pipette calibrating services. We offer high quality pipette calibration, convenience and accuracy, as well as low customer downtime, shipping costs, and risks with all of our repair and calibration services. Since our inception in 1994, we have become one of the most trusted names in pipette calibration. Few can match our quality, and even fewer can provide the services that we do. If you are looking for pipette calibration, you have come to the right place!

Without a doubt, in today's industry you would be hard pressed to find a company that focuses on pipette calibrating as much as we do. Our pipette calibration and pipette repair is all we do! As a result, we believe our calibration services are a higher quality than you'll find anywhere else.

As you would imagine we are ISO17025:2005 certified and only use high precision equipment and state of the art pipette calibration tools and replacement parts. We maintain these high standards to ensure your pipette calibration is done correctly the first time. At QCI, we do our best to make certain you are getting the best.

Furthermore, we are committed to being the top calibration vendor in our industry, providing maximum value, professional results, and pipette repair services that are both precise and accurate. Add in our qualified, trained and skilled Calibration Technicians, all who have been trained rigorously, have years and years of experience, and who are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, and you'll see why so many choose us for their pipette calibration needs.

We work with clients throughout the country and we provide local pipette calibration in Maryland, DC and Virginia.

Reviewing our ISO8655 specifications to validate our iso17025:2005 accredited Pipette calibration service and pm service.

Our Guarantee

QCI is committed to total compliance to all requirements of ISO17025:2005 and our dedication to quality and continuous improvement is evident in our customer testimonials and the results we provide. If you are looking for a high quality pipette calibration service, Quality Calibrations Inc. is the company for you. Call today for more information, or check out the rest of our website to see what services we have to offer. For pipette calibration in Maryland, DC or Virginia, we offer affordable on-site service.


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QCI is ISO 17025:2005 Accredited by ACLASS Cert. No. AC-1347

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